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News/Magazine Article Sample

Newspaper story about robotics team from Wisconsin wins national VEX robotics competitionAfter being contacted by parents with well-deserved pride in their children’s accomplishment, I dusted off my reporter’s cap. It easily fell back into place, and I was once again a journalist. This time my title was freelance writer, instead of newspaper editor.

What makes this newsworthy?

I had an opportunity to return to my roots in journalism to tell the story of a talented group of teens who are passionate about robotics. It was a privilege to write about their accomplishments and snap a few photos.
I can assure you, this was much more exciting than reviewing sheriff’s reports and following court cases.
This was one of those fun newspaper stories to write because of the unique storyline and its positive message. I was impressed! This trio of engineering and robotics experts succeeded on the national level. My goal was to tell a story, not just write one.

Why choose a freelance writer?

Newspaper staffers are often busy with multiple assignments and the day-to-day operations of publishing their product. Sometimes the opportunity to report on a newsworthy event gets missed, and the subject of the article and people involved miss the recognition they deserve. When I write and submit a story as a freelance writer, I am not always guaranteed the article will be published. Emphasizing its timeliness and its human interest angle often makes it an easy choice for editors to find space available in their publication. Editors are often looking for interesting, well-written articles that are relevant to their readership.

How does this fit my situation?

Depending upon your topic and event, I can help you determine where it fits best – as a news story, feature article, press release or guest column. In most cases, I’ll save you the hassle of submitting the article. I’ll make sure it gets to the appropriate news outlets.

I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to share a story with a newspaper audience. Journalism allows me to do something I truly love and help people at the same time.