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Magazine Writing

In this age of digital magazines, editors require a constant flow of original content that engages their audience. Because they lack sufficient time for content development they turn to freelance contributors like Writer to the Rescue for their magazine, trade journal, or niche publication. With nearly 10 years of journalism experience, the Wonder Writer has developed professional interviewing and storytelling techniques well-suited to magazines.

magazine writing by Writer to the Rescue

Writer to the Rescue:

  • Meets deadlines
  • Complies with the acceptable word count
  • Stays on topic
  • Submits professionally written articles that require limited editing
  • Represents the publication professionally in written and spoken communication

Experienced magazine writer

Writer to the Rescue is competent in covering diverse topics and industries. A common thread in every article is this: People are passionate about what they do. Writer to the Rescue is an expert at expressing their words and experiences, crafting magazine stories that interest and inspire others. The goal of magazine writing is to produce original, well-crafted content targeted to a specific audience. This is accomplished by doing strategic research, asking the right questions, and confirming the details.

Articulate & Professional

The finished articles developed by Writer to the Rescue are articulate and thoughtfully worded. Articles are tightly written, with a logical flow that transitions readers to the next paragraph and keeps them engaged for the entire piece. Quotes, anecdotes, and statistics are woven into the article to support and develop key ideas. Writing and rewriting results in a polished piece that requires little revising from the editor. Writing for a magazine takes advance preparation.

Writer to the Rescue:

  • Studies the target market the publication aims to reach and tailor the article to this demographic
  • Matches the writing style to the tone of the publication: academic, businesslike, conversational
  • Reads recent issues of the magazine to become familiar with the genre
  • Researches the topic to gain knowledge, learn technical terms, and understand the subject
  • Prepares a list of open-ended questions to ask the sources for the article
  • Conducts interviews with subject-matter experts
  • Writes and edits articles for accuracy, clarity, continuity, and engagement

Contact Writer to the Rescue for magazine writing today, 920-639-1865.