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Is your website content turning people away?

If your website content is too short, too wordy, too repetitive, or lacks critical information, it may appear that you don’t want people’s business. Your text needs to show that you are the one to trust for your product or service. Quality website content can express your values, explain the benefits of working with you, and set a precedent

website content

of high expectations. Having clear, well-conceived content on your website is one indication of how well your business operates. The more readable the content, the more inviting it is for visitors to do business with you.

Website content needs to resonate with readers

When developing written content, consider how to make your message resonate with your readers. You want readers to have a comfortable experience. You want to give them the information they need, and make it easy for them to find. People aren’t going to your website for leisure reading; they’re looking for details about your brand. What are your hours? Your phone number? Your products and services? Most importantly, how do these products and services work for me?

Make a good first impression

Headings and subheadings contribute to a solid first impression. Website content also needs to impress returning visitors. Visitors gain confidence in you as a trusted source of information. They know they will be satisfied they have the information they need when they visit your site.

Foster relationships

You want to encourage visitors to stay connected. Building a relationship with readers improves their overall experience with your company. You want to create a positive experience they’ll remember. A visit to your website should lead to conversions like online orders, phone calls, or in-person consultations. Website content that is sparse (or long-winded), poorly written, or outdated casts a negative light on your business. The better your information, the more inviting it is to readers. Your readers will be confident that they’ll find what they need and the products and services they can rely on as well.

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Milestones of meeting in-laws

Milestones That Make You Cry

Milestones of meeting in-lawsLife is marked by a series of milestones. My husband, Bill, and I experienced one of those milestones this weekend. We drove to the U.P. to meet our daughter’s future in-laws. Our daughter, Janet, will marry Tyler in May.

Tyler’s parents and brother were very gracious hosts. They gave us the most precious gift they could—the gift of their time. They welcomed us into their home and made us feel as if they had nothing better to do than spend the weekend with us.

I brought along Janet’s photo albums to show Tyler and his family some of the milestones of Janet’s life. I knew it would be fun to page through the books. What I didn’t bargain for was the melancholy I’d feel looking at those photos.

Janet has marked a lot of milestones in her life: her first haircut, her first day of school, her first time traveling out of the country. In February, she hit another big milestone when Tyler proposed.

While we paged through the albums looking at the kid she had been, Janet sat at a desk nearby with a photo of the grown-up woman she’s become. She was addressing Save the Date postcards. In the Save the Date photos, Janet is in Tyler’s arms, not mom’s or dad’s any longer. That’s a milestone I’m still getting accustomed to.

Being a mother-of-the-bride is rough on the emotions some days. I couldn’t be happier that Janet is all grown up and ready to share her love and her life with Tyler, but part of me still thinks of her as our little girl. I can’t comprehend how she could be ready to walk down the aisle and into a new life as Tyler’s wife. How is it possible when I can still picture her as a baby in my arms?

After our weekend with Tyler’s family, I feel more confident than ever that she’s making the right choice for a husband. She’s marrying into a family that is kind and loving.

Their May 2019 wedding will be just one more milestone on life’s journey. I’m hoping that the old adage is true: I’m not losing a daughter, I’m gaining a son.