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Volunteering is good for your career

Top 10 Tips for Succeeding in a New Career

Before jumping ship a year ago to open my own business I was racked with uncertainty about changing my career. I even dreamed I was driving a semi through a revolving door. I still experience a few restless nights, but I no longer feel the midnight fright of driving a run-away truck. Whether you’re contemplating a career change like mine or just want to reinvigorate your career in 2018, here are 10 tips from someone who traded in her ride for a new model in 2017.

  1. Invest in your education. I earned a marketing degree in 2017, and my college experience opened my mind to so many new
    NWTC Graduation helped Joan's career
    Graduating from NWTC in May 2017.

    strategies and concepts. On a smaller scale, I’ve attended conferences and webinars, read industry publications, and joined professional organizations.

  2. Take pride in your work. I love the freedom of blogging, and I’m proud to create original and thoughtful blog articles, engaging website content, and effective marketing materials. Finding work that gives you a sense of accomplishment leads to happiness on the job.
  3. Create an enriching work environment. My adjustable, sit down/stand-up desk was the best purchase I made for the new work space in our home. I feel more alert when I stand to do my work and less restless at the end of the day.
  4. Know the industry standards. I need to stay in tune with marketing trends and continue to improve my writing and marketing skills so I can offer clients the best content possible.
  5. Be open to new assignments. In the past year I created a variety of promotional materials, including Facebook ads, press releases, whiteboard scripts, and direct mail letters. I enjoy the challenge and the variety of new projects.
  6. Build relationships. Marketing is all about building relationships, and I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to connect with clients. One effective communication platform is a newsletter. Newsletters allow you to educate, inform, promote, and relate to a targeted audience.
  7. Learn new things. Over the past year I’ve gained a greater understanding of SSL certificates, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress, and some of the ins and outs of running a business. Finding a mentor can ease the learning curve.
  8.  Be flexible. I never know who my next client will be! I’ve written about lawn mowing, videography, bicycles, diesel engines,
    Volunteering is good for your career
    Volunteering at 4-H Summer Camp at Camp Bird.

    sandblasting, aquaponics, excavating, froyo, funeral services, and more. Sometimes I’m spoon-fed the information, but I’m responsible for presenting it in an understandable manner.

  9. Contribute to your community. Volunteering at 4-H Summer Camp and lending my writing talents to Walleyes for Tomorrow and Abrams Spotlight Productions Inc. have been rewarding. I like knowing that I make a difference.
  10. Hold yourself to high standards. I do more than just show up. I set myself (and my client) up for success by being well-prepared for assignments and carefully completing each project. Nothing is more satisfying than receiving positive feedback from clients.

How can I help you grow your business and reach your marketing objectives in 2018? Contact me today.

Magazine article Top 10 list

Magazine Article Cracks the Top 10 for 2017

Magazine article Top 10 listI don’t run a vacuum truck or operate an excavator but I have other talents, like the talent to write magazine articles for these industries. As the Wonder Writer at Writer to the Rescue, I enjoy the challenge that each magazine assignment presents.

Magazine articles have common thread

Whatever topic or industry I’m covering, I notice a common thread: People are passionate about what they do. Connecting with people who are willing to share their success stories (and their struggles) energizes me. I feel obliged to put their words and experiences into magazine stories that will interest and inspire others.

One of my magazine articles cracked the Top 10 list in the Year in Review, coming it at No. 7. “Weighing the Pros and Cons of Expanding” was published in August and offered industry-tested advice from business owners who expanded their operations and watched their businesses grow. The start of a New Year prompts us to make resolutions and set goals, both personally and professionally. Is expansion a smart decision for you in 2018? According to hydro excavator Chris Angelo, you should ask this question: Do my clients need me to get bigger? Good businesses can pick up on clues to determine the equipment, technology, and personnel needed to fulfill their clients’ needs.

Content marketing that sets companies apart

Packerland Websites picked up on clues from its clients when it added Writer to the Rescue as its content writing division in 2017. Clients needed well-written, engaging content for their websites. They needed press releases for newspapers and magazine articles for trade publications. They needed to tell their stories with originality, focusing on what sets them apart from their competition. Writer to the Rescue took flight to fulfill these needs and “Save the World One Word at a Time.”

I invite you to check out the Top 10 stories at the Dig Different magazine website, Dig Different Top 10.