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Joan Koehne Career Change

Career Change: Top 3 Things I Learned

Joan Koehne Career ChangeToday marks the 6-month anniversary of Writer to the Rescue, so I decided it’s time to reflect on my career change. Three things stood out.

No. 1: The classroom prepared me for the real world.

I was an NWTC marketing student and an intern at Packerland Websites when I launched Writer to the Rescue. In my first month, I saw my studies come to life. The business people I met were real-world examples of the marketing concepts I was studying in college. Boy, could they give a convincing elevator pitch! I think they read the same Selling Principles book I did! What I was seeing in the field reinforced what I was learning in the classroom. The experiences I had as an intern verified that my class time was well spent, and these experiences helped me prepare for full-time work in the field.

No. 2: The cookie jar is really close by.

How can I be successful working from home? This was one of my questions when I started Writer to the Rescue. The answer: Treat it like a business, and success will come. I have a space dedicated to work. I simply walk up the stairs to get to my “office.” Once I’m there, I’m working. I have set hours, which I track every day. But it’s not just the cookie jar that’s close by, tempting me. The urge to take a nap is hard to resist! From my desk, the couch is 2 steps away, and the bed is 10 steps. Yes, I’ve succumbed, but not that often. I’m happy to report that working from home is workable.

No. 3: Don’t do it alone.

Leaving my job was scary, but preparing for a career change made the departure easier. I met with a business consultant before opening Writer to the Rescue, and he helped me develop a mission statement and vision statement and an approach to basic business operations. He helped calm my fears and provided the guidance I needed to make decisions about my career. The end result left me feeling confident about my future. Now that I’m working as a writer, my husband Bill Koehne of Packerland Websites is my go-to person. I feel much more secure about my career change because I have an experienced business owner to offer support. Mentors are invaluable!

Pencil used to write website content

Writing website content that sells

stand out appleAs a writer of website content, I help clients present messages that are true to their image.

Image is so important!

Everyone who attempts to sell a home knows the value of curb appeal. After all, you have only one opportunity to make a good first impression. The image that potential buyers see as they cruise up to a home will certainly affect their purchasing decision.

It’s the same for website content.

How a website appeals to visitors at first glance sets the tone for their entire experience on the site. The initial landing page serves as a welcoming mat and brief introduction. From there, you want to direct visitors to the next step, whatever that may be, to meet your specific business objectives.

Appealing artwork, graphics and overall design are critical aspects of a website. They give an impression of the brand, just like curb appeal gives the first impression of a home for sale.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts!

Yet the outer appearance is not the only key to a successful transaction. You also do a walk-through at a home for sale, and at a website, you’re likely to do a read-through of the written content. In order to make the sale, it helps if the outer appearance and inside features resonate well with your audience.

Over my years as a reporter and newspaper editor, I’ve learned that everyone has a story to tell. The key to success is telling the story well. I like to start with this question: What sets you apart from your competition? I focus on that answer when I write website content.

You want to stand out!

You don’t want your website content to be a duplicate of what’s already been written. Original content not only lets you tell your unique story, it also boosts search engine optimization (SEO), meaning users will have an easier time finding you on the web. That’s because the algorithm Google uses rewards websites with original content.

Home sellers know the value of making their homes shine, both on the inside and outside. It’s the same for your business website. Wow your audience with a good first impression. Keep them intrigued with well-written, original content, and eventually, you’ll convert them from visitors to customers.